Hikes 2015

Rather than post triplogs for all my old 2015 exercise events — hiking, biking, gym cardio, etc. — I have just posted triplogs for those that have a diverse location, long distance, are interesting or have pretty views.

I actually did 119 exercise events, totalling 678.35 miles and 77,153 AEG. My three longest hikes were 12.53, 12.65 and 18.28 miles.

Distances in miles and feet.

12-30Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.826231h 25m
12-27Pointe Tapatio Golf Course LoopAZ5.368021h 48m
12-24Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ7.0712312h 22m
12-22Freedom Trail #302AZ2.857451h 13m
12-17Loop 202 South Mountain FreewayAZ8.1711333h 38m
12-16Neighborhood WalkAZ3.501881h 05m
12-13Little Four PeaksAZ4.4911642h 41m
12-12Lookout MountainAZ3.6710101h 23m
12-11Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.714851h 12m
12-08Dreamy Draw Nature Trail #220AZ3.945401h 18m
12-06AZ 77 Hwy CleanupAZ1.05401h 28m
12-05North MountainAZ4.498511h 29m
12-02Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.603501h 20m
11-28Hotel Exercise RoomMO8.02030m
11-27Hotel Exercise RoomMO7.27030m
11-20Arnett Creek - Telegraph Canyon LoopAZ9.1510865h 02m
11-18North MountainAZ4.858891h 31m
11-13Hotel Exercise RoomTX3.30032m
11-10Hotel Exercise RoomTX2.80030m
11-09Hotel Exercise RoomTX5.3001h 00m
11-04Neighborhood WalkAZ3.1217458m
11-02North MountainAZ4.318041h 23m
10-29FR 1900 Mine ComplexAZ1.057130m
10-29Bomboy Mine & Roblas CanyonAZ12.0612715h 28m
10-24Picketpost CircumferenceAZ9.668274h 04m
10-22Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.805661h 07m
10-21Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.655031h 12m
10-16Granite Mountain Trail #261AZ9.6117624h 13m
10-15Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.293701h 00m
10-14Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.364931h 21m
10-09Praying Hands - Crosscut THAZ4.455332h 12m
10-08Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.164991h 23m
10-02Cedar MountainAZ11.9719675h 0m
10-01SP CraterAZ2.499292h 05m
09-27Aravaipa CanyonAZ18.283307h 57m
09-26Klondyke Pioneer CemeteryAZ1.46164
09-24Neighborhood WalkAZ3.361321h 03m
09-23Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.124591h 00m
09-19Armer MountainAZ7.3018104h 49m
09-12Hotel Exercise RoomOH12.20030m
09-11Ohio State Campus WalkOH2.50501h 30m
09-11Hotel Exercise RoomOH13.06030m
09-09Hotel Exercise RoomOH23.8901h 00m
09-04Pine 2 StrawberryAZ10.2618634h 20m
09-02Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.663871h 11m
08-31Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.354141h 07m
08-27Sycamore Canyon Rim LoopAZ12.5311604h 46m
08-26Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.524021h 09m
08-21Copper Creek Mine HuntingAZ5.8110082h 51m
08-20Neighborhood WalkAZ3.101701h 01m
08-18Neighborhood WalkAZ2.983241h 03m
08-14Highline Trail - AZT #27AZ8.6714573h 42m
08-13Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.763891h 11m
08-09Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.824021h 12m
08-07Cherry Creek Trail #214AZ5.196342h 17m
07-31Moscow Peak LoopAZ11.0021485h 46m
07-28Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.104771h 25m
07-24Rock Wall Trail #608AZ9.8712743h 29m
07-22Neighborhood WalkAZ2.8715653m
07-20Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.884331h 16m
07-16Camp Bird MineAZ5.988023h 01m
07-08Neighborhood WalkAZ3.0616559m
07-06Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.573631h 06m
07-03Copper Creek Mine HuntingAZ8.5312343h 25m
07-02Neighborhood WalkAZ3.371651h 04m
06-26Pine Canyon Trail #26AZ10.157814h 13m
06-25Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.304251h 09m
06-24Neighborhood WalkAZ2.6311649m
06-19Slippery Rock GorgePA8.4010163h 34m
06-17Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.304211h 08m
06-16Neighborhood WalkAZ3.012161h 00m
06-14Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.1230358m
06-13Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.364041h 05m
06-07Sheboygan Falls, WIWI3.931611h 16m
06-05Glenbeulah to Parnell TowerWI12.6515914h 33m
06-04Sheboygan Falls, WIWI3.1821457m
06-02Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.523851h 06m
05-29Dandrea Trail #285AZ8.3819183h 37m
05-25Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.0538159m
05-22Paxton Place MineAZ5.988222h 31m
05-20Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.575361h 18m
05-19Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.463921h 11m
05-18Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.423771h 03m
05-08Aravaipa CanyonAZ9.374103h 17m
05-08Turkey Creek Cliff DwellingAZ
05-07Gila Box River TrailAZ3.441502h 01m
05-06Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.114481h 14m
05-05Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.164231h 08m
05-03Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.825061h 21m
04-30Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.682971h 08m
04-28Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.214891h 05m
04-27Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.224631h 05m
04-24Pivot Rock CanyonAZ8.0110013h 13m
04-17Copper Basin Mineral HuntAZ5.838343h 00m
04-13Loop 202 South MountainAZ8.2412654h 01m
04-04Antietam National BattlefieldMD10.798103h 51m
03-30Oatman Massacre / Fourr CemeteryAZ3.975232h 30m
03-28Maricopa PeakAZ4.9616502h 24m
03-20Go John TrailAZ7.709202h 38m
03-16Ben Avery Trail - Indian Spring PetroglyphsAZ10.777844h 33m
03-05Butcher Jones Trail #463AZ8.3210753h 31m
02-24Gila River Valley MeanderAZ4.70350
02-21North MountainAZ4.738651h 33m
02-19Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.163651h 02m
02-13Massacre FallsAZ10.2315714h 49m
02-10Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.945511h 36m
02-07Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.376751h 27m
02-04Castle Dome ArchesAZ5.158722h 35m
02-02Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.864361h 14m
01-28Aylor's Arch / Palomino MountainAZ10.8115545h 11m
01-25Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.286051h 32m
01-23Dome MountainAZ5.747582h 51m
01-20Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.546091h 32m
01-19Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ5.124891h 28m
01-14Swansea Ghost TownAZ6.709024h 30m
01-11Perl Charles Trail #1AAZ6.517572h 09m
01-10Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ6.326572h 05m
01-07North MountainAZ5.639011h 51m
01-03Alamo Lake ArchAZ9.1110513h 48m