Ohio State Campus Walk

I find your lack of Scarlet & Grey disturbing.

I was intending to be winging my way home today, but my dad scored tickets to the game tomorrow, against Hawai’i, including pre-game field passes! (A friend of his is married to Urban Meyer’s personal assistant; again … connections. ;) ) So, I stayed. It was actually a hard decision, as I was not sure I had left my kitty enough food and water. (Turns out, just barely, a return flight delay would not have been good.) So, I occupied the down day by walking across campus, including visiting the parking garage where I was conceived. (53 years ago it was an apartment …)

Distance: 2.50 mi.

AEG: 50 ft.

Time: 1h 30m

Skull Session

Ramp Entrance & Rick Derringer Pre-Game

Buckeye Game Day vs. Hawai’i

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