Freedom Trail #302

Phoenix Mountains Preserve

Phoenix Mountains Preserve

55° when I left home at 1230. Perfect hiking weather. After shrink visit, had wife drop me off at Piestewa TH. Started hiking at 1430, CC on #302 up to saddle. Dropped into a small unnamed canyon, just after that, as GPS showed a trail starting at the bottom of the canyon. Plus, there was a cairn where I dropped in. Nice little scramble for variety, but not very difficult. Got on #1A for awhile, then switched to what I think was #100. Temperature was dropping quickly and wind had picked up. Called wife — who was shopping nearby at Tatum & Shea — for a pickup at Dreamy Draw. Hands were still cold two hours later.

Distance: 2.85 mi.

AEG: 745 ft.

Time: 1h 13m

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