FR 1900 Mine Complex

Superstition Mountains

Unnamed Mine

It didn’t feel right attaching this to my Roblas Canyon-Bomboy Mine hike, so I figured I would throw this out there quick, while spending a bit more time working on the day’s main event.

The compact mine complex is on FR 1900, about a half mile southwest of Roblas Butte. While researching the loop on MyTopo, I noticed the mine symbols, so decided to tack this on at the end, on my way back to civilization.

There are five adits, all within 100 ft. of each other. So far, I have not seen so many adits so close together. Stability would be a concern, except the small hill is solid rock. Two of the adits were collapsed, one was penetrable, but looked iffy, and the other two were easily entered. Both were short, with no minerals, and no artifacts other than rat poo and a Coors Light can. Oh well. You can’t win’em all. ;-)

When I got back to my car, I could see dark dust clouds rolling up from Picketpost Mountain, five miles south. The downpour started a few minutes later. So, I started my day in rain, and ended it rain. :-)

Distance: 1.05 miles

AEG: 71 ft.

Time: 30m

Mine Exploration Video

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