Little Four Peaks

Superstition Mountains

Looking at fourth summit of Little Four Peaks.
Looking at fourth summit of Little Four Peaks.

42° from Phoenix to Apache Junction. Got to AJ too soon for store to be open to buy the jacket I forgot. All the way down to 37° at the trailhead. Brrr. Luckily the sun had worked its way around the Little Four Peaks by 0900, and I had an extra shirt, so temps ended up being perfect. We hiked counter-clockwise, basically along the official route. The first summit required a short, but rather slippery, scramble. Kelly went first, then Larry, then I took a slightly alternate route, which my sticky 5-10s had no problem handling. The next summit was no problem from the first. Meanwhile, Jack had gone up the main summit (the one with the log), so we took some pix of him waving at us. :-) Larry then hiked back towards Jack, while Kelly did some hairy (to me) rock climbing to a third summit in our group. I stuck around just in case. ;-) Eventually we all ended up on the high point. I was the only one with a summit brew! :roll: I did not realize the heart rocks were on this hike, so that was our next stop. (Kelly was understanding enough to take a picture of me kissing one so I could send it to my wife in Houston. :mrgreen: ) Jack and I had a break, and I ate some vinegar chips while Kelly and Larry went up another summit. It was not a big deal, we just didn’t feel like it. We then headed down canyon, crossed the highway, then explored up a raggedy jeep trail, checking out some stuff tibber had explored. Afterwards, we drank beer at the Blue Bird while Kelly raced home to post photos. :lol:

All in all, a good little training hike for Pam’s New Year trip up Roblas Butte.

Distance: 4.49 mi.

AEG: 1,164 ft.

Time: 2h 41m

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