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Phoenix Mountains Preserve

Discarded Denny's hat
Discarded Denny's hat

Was going to have my wife drop me off over by the end of Perl Charles #1A, where it crosses under AZ 51, after this morning’s soccer match at the pub. But it was so cold, I said screw that. I then meant to get out about 1230, but slow computer was making my life difficult, so I did not get done what I needed to get done, or at least get to a save point, until after 1400. When I finally hit the trail at 1420, it was 55°, sunny, with a slight breeze. Perfect weather. I did the “snake pattern” of most of the east-west trails in the “triangle”. Despite the battery in my crappy Garmin 62S reading two bars, it lasted only another hour. This is consistent behavior. The best I can figure is the power graph is logarithmic: 4 bars = full power, or slightly less; 3 bars = half power, 2 bars = almost dead and 1 bar = actually dead. Probably a “feature”. :roll:

Temps seemed to drop quite a bit after 1530, especially in the shade, but it was supposedly 60° when I got home at 1615.

Distance: 5.36 mi.

AEG: 802 ft.

Time: 1h 48m

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