Arthur’s Seat

2014-03-26 0

GPS gave me a reading of 5.48 miles and 1346 AEG. Haz gave me a 5.04 miles, but no AEG, as it does not yet […]

Piestewa Peak

2016-01-24 0

Most of my out of town hikes this month have been short, but I didn’t want to invest 4+ hours round trip drive time either, […]

Walk to Post Office

2016-01-20 0

Almost two years ago, my wife & I travelled to Scotland for some Celtic matches. While there, we visited the grave of William Angus in […]

Vulture Peak

2016-01-14 0

So, the desert race having been last week, I planned on hitting Camp Bouse Peak this week. Rather than take the long route via Bouse […]

Walk to Post Office

2016-01-12 0

49° when I started at 1030; 55° when I finished at 1135. Had to check the traffic hump installation in our HOA. Was going to […]

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