Dome Mountain

Goldfield Mountains

Preston McMurry gazing out at the Goldfield Mountains.

Had an idea to hike out to Aylor’s Arch. Checked with Jack to see if he wanted to go, and he suggested exploring the Goldfield Mountains from the Cactus Rd. TH. Works for me. :-)

We hiked up the jeep trail for a few miles, then started working our way up a small canyon on the south slope of Dome Mountain. We were taking a look around, when Jack heard voices. No, not like that. :mrgreen: There was a couple of guys not to far behind us, who stopped to chat for a few minutes on their way up to Dome. Sounds like their approach was pretty much the same as most of the routes on Haz, which all seem to filter up the canyon on the east slope of Hill 3269, or what I refer to in my photos as “Other” Dome Mountain. (Because the topos have two Dome Mountains, separated only by a saddle. :-| )

We went down the way they came up, then followed the main wash south to Bulldog Canyon, where we picked up a very nice horse trail for about a mile. Then it was jeep trails and garbage back to the trailhead.

Afterwards, we went out to the Bluebird Mine for a post hike refreshment, and so I could introduce my wife to Willoughby, who is just the nicest pooch you could imagine. :-D

Distance: 5.74 mi.

AEG: 758 ft.

Time: 2h 51m

Hike Video

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