Sheboygan Falls, WI

Sheboygan Falls : Brickner Woolen Mills

I had intended to do a second walk around Sheboygan Falls yesterday, but was too stiff after my Ice Age Trail 14-miler the day before. While it was overcast, and cool, most of the week — other than getting fried at Cedar Lake on Saturday — this morning it was drizzly as well. Out I went. I checked out the second falls from Falls View Park — clever, eh? — then walked south on the main drag, west on WI-28, then through a neighborhood, River Park and downtown, back to our hotel. Walking alongside a highway was not thrilling, but there were tons of flowers, so it was worthwhile. :-)

Distance: 3.93 miles

AEG: 161 ft.

Time: 1h 6m

Sheboygan Falls

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