Praying Hands – Crosscut TH

Superstition Mountains

Lost Dutchman State Park

I msg’d tibber a couple of times, but didn’t hear back from her, so msg’d Jack for details on her big b-day bash. (Turns out that when you PM, you have to submit the msg twice — very confusing, and not a requirement elsewhere on Haz ;-) — for it to actually send, which I had failed to do.)

So, having received the details from Jack, I threw something together, hiking-wise at literally the last second. (A few minutes after finishing in Route Manager, me and my wife were out the door.) My idea was to hike up a wash near the Crosscut trail, for about 1.5 miles, then sideslope along the base of the big hill until I picked up the upper end of the #56 loop, continuing on that along the slope, continue on an unnumbered extension of #56 further along the base until picking up #53, whereupon I would head up Siphon Draw, before doubling back to the campground, where my understanding and much appreciated wife would be regaling the assembled masses with tales of my derring do. :roll:

The wash was slow going and, as expected, was much rockier than expected. I got out of the wash early, and started side sloping, which other than crossing other washes, was actually really easy & stab free movement. The only thing to watch out for, really, was sinking into gopher-tunnel under-mined ground. Eventually I bumped across a very obvious use trail, which brought me to #56. As I was running behind, and wanted to be at the party by 4, I headed down rather than across.

I worked my way through the campground, and saw several winnebagoes, but not my wife’s silver Mazda 3. I figured I would walk towards the front gate, and was just passing the dump station when some crazy lady went by waving her arms. I saw the Haz sticker, so I was like “Yes!!! She must know where the party is.” It was Kelly, who gave me a much appreciated lift.

Subsequently great times were had by all. :-)

No movie. Did not even mean to take any photos, but could not help myself. :mrgreen: Just wanted to relax and hang. :-)

Distance: 4.45 miles

AEG: 533 ft.

Time: 2h 12m

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