Hikes 2014

Rather than post triplogs for all my old 2014 exercise events — hiking, biking, gym cardio, etc. — I have just posted triplogs for those that have a diverse location, long distance, are interesting or have pretty views.

I actually did 133 exercise events, totalling 724.17 miles and 88,760 AEG. My three longest hikes were 12.43, 13.09 and 15.51 miles.

Distances in miles and feet.

12-31Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ7.6713422h 37m
12-29Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.735861h 18m
12-28Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.824681h 10m
12-25Hotel Exercise RoomCA8.50040m
12-20Peak 4053 - Teapot Mtn QuadAZ6.4015383h 48m
12-13Hotel Exercise RoomNV13.50040m
12-12Hoover Dam TourNV1.500
12-12Hotel Exercise RoomNV12.50040m
12-11Hotel Exercise RoomNV12.00040m
12-10Nevada Southern Railroad MuseumNV1.0001h 00m
12-01White Rock 3012 - Telegraph CanyonAZ7.0012203h 28m
11-29Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.194321h 09m
11-27Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.496021h 14m
11-25Estrella BM 2766AZ7.32985
11-21Mormon Battalion TraiAZ15.516155h 43m
11-17Hackberry Spring LoopAZ7.7910253h 47m
11-14Roadside MemorialsAZ2.28105
11-11Brownie Tank - AZNG MascotAZ10.3912914h 12m
11-08Mount TritleAZ7.0220203h 40m
11-07Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.313861h 30m
11-05Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.7639158m
11-04Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.745301h 35m
10-27Billy Jack Corvette Scene LocationAZ12.0814444h 28m
10-22Walker Charcoal Kiln Trail #303AZ.9411036m
10-22Bald Mountain via Smith Ravine Trail #297AZ7.5318563h 35m
10-17Pine Creek Trail #289AZ12.4318355h 42m
10-13Ranch Trail #62AZ8.0413353h 08m
10-11Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.523921h 06m
10-08Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.704401h 23m
10-07Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.984541h 00m
10-01Walk HomeAZ2.4015043m
09-29West Bear CanyonAZ5.085032h 36m
09-19Soesterberg Bike RideNetherlands12.312401h 30m
09-17Reims CathedralFrance2.00251h 20m
09-16Cuinchy Battlefield WalkFrance1.885040m
09-15Brugge WalkBelgium3.00503h 00m
09-14Brugge WalkBelgium2.002251h 30m
09-14Hotel Exercise RoomNetherlands7.44030m
09-13Den Haag WalkNetherlands3.0002h 30m
09-13Hotel Exercise RoomNetherlands5.39030m
09-12Den Haag WalkNetherlands2.0001h 00m
09-07Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.004041h 02m
09-04Groom Creek Loop Trail #307AZ10.8117694h 34m
09-02Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.7033459m
08-29Copper Creek LoopAZ10.8214734h 36m
08-27Roadside MemorialsAZ4.561261h 30m
08-08Mogollon Rim Vista LoopAZ13.0914525h 08m
07-31Walkin' Jim TrailAZ6.447332h 35m
07-25Houston Mesa LoopAZ8.518563h 30m
07-21Bean Peaks LoopAZ9.4715994h 09m
07-16Wolverton Mountain Trail #9415AZ12.2219304h 45m
07-02East Bear Canyon LoopAZ6.585623h 06m
06-29Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ6.4010252h 24m
06-25Mogollon Rim Railroad TunnelAZ8.2019013h 58m
06-21Aravaipa CanyonAZ2.95871h 31m
06-18Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384AZ9.0812863h 28m
06-16Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.564781h 09m
06-08Mount TritleAZ5.7814882h 33m
06-04Mount Davis & Mount UnionAZ7.7421723h 24m
06-03Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.585831h 14m
06-02Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.193671h 03m
05-29Aravaipa CanyonAZ4.00134
05-26Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.666131h 14m
05-23Thumb Butte Trail #33AZ9.2015703h 26m
05-21Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.544511h 04m
05-20Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.555261h 11m
05-12Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ8.289292h 34m
05-08Gibson Peak LoopAZ9.6622795h 25m
05-06Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.436881h 14m
05-04Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.656501h 26m
05-02Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.065901h 10m
04-30Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.225881h 07m
04-29Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.246411h 07m
04-25Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.405401h 11m
04-20A.T.: I-70 to Wolfsville RdMD10.4816493h 58m
04-19Hotel Exercise RoomMD2.89030m
04-17Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ5.045771h 36m
04-15Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.514421h 08m
04-14Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.485821h 10m
04-13Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.715601h 11m
04-11Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.524401h 04m
04-10Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.503231h 06m
03-30Glengoyne Distllery TourScotland2.00502h 00m
03-28Glasgow WalkScotland1.801501h 30m
03-27Stirling WalkScotland1.20501h 00m
03-26Edinburgh Castle TourScotland2.002004h 00m
03-26Arthur's SeatScotland5.0412382h 02m
03-25Rosslyn Chapel TourScotland2.602002h 00m
03-24Glasgow & Bellshill WalkScotland1.00351h 00m
03-23Carluke WalkScotland5.393504h 00m
03-21Glasgow WalkScotland1.001001h 00m
03-18Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.885881h 00m
03-17Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.477251h 37m
03-13Hill 3464 - Telegraph CanyonAZ7.4214973h 32m
03-11Hackberry Spring LoopAZ5.798132h 11m
03-10Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.036801h 00m
03-09Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.665281h 06m
03-06Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.724191h 06m
03-04Goldfield Ovens LoopAZ10.7812663h 59m
03-02Arizona Canal - 67th Ave. Bike RideAZ22.534222h 21m
02-25Houston Carolyn H. Wolff ParkTX.252630m
02-24Hotel Exercise RoomTX3.30030m
02-23Houston Memorial ParkTX4.634501h 41m
02-22Hotel Exercise RoomTX3.30030m
02-20Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ4.779101h 40m
02-19Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ4.145591h 21m
02-17Perl Charles Trail #1AAZ5.9511862h 38m
02-16Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.347601h 34m
02-15Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.296061h 06m
02-12Apache LeapAZ5.5910874h 11m
02-11Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.645131h 11m
02-09Camp BouseAZ2.00501h 00m
02-07Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.436901h 12m
02-05Wood Canyon - Upper RimAZ7.1416493h 32m
02-03Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.226411h 02m
02-03Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.055191h 02m
01-31Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.037061h 25m
01-29Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ4.897911h 33m
01-27Shaw Butte Trail #306AZ4.799101h 40m
01-26Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.665881h 07m
01-25Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.6664555m
01-22Bellevue Ghost Town / Gibson MineAZ9.0018004h 30m
01-20Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ3.844771h 11m
01-19Cholla-Dreamy Draw Loop Bike RideAZ12.104571h 19m
01-18Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100AZ6.6410662h 06m
01-15Historical Pinal CemeteryAZ2.0313754m
01-15Queen TrailAZ5.436792h 09m
01-13Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ2.0133439m
01-12Arizona Canal Bike RideAZ14.502521h 20m
01-10Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.695541h 28m
01-08Check Dam Trail #190AZ9.7117353h 44m
01-04Pointe Tapatio Golf Course Loop #1AZ3.0436859m