Hoover Dam Tour

Hoover Dam turbines with 300-ton overhead crane.
Hoover Dam turbines with 300-ton overhead crane.

Nice bike, but too hard to figure out, so did the same thing as yesterday, manipulating the resistance every two minutes to simulate riding hills. Somehow managed to get a watts graph to display. (Despite riding the same yesterday and tomorrow, it did not do the other days.) No boxers today, despite a ring being in the hotel gym; probably resting up for tomorrow night.

Afterwards, headed out to Hoover Dam for the full $30 tour. The first time I had ever been inside was pretty cool. However, even though there was very low foot & vehicle traffic, the tour was still full at 20 people every 30 minutes. I definitely recommend doing it like we did, mid-week on a non-holiday.

On the way back on the I-215 it started to rain, and we passed two accidents in Henderson, one where a big black pickup had got turned around backwards against the median, and a separate second accident less than a mile away where a semi had punched a hole through the median. And I thought Arizonans had problems driving in the wet … :roll:

Stats are for the cardio I did at the hotel gym. The actual tour is so mild it would only be exercise if you have a Zimmer frame. ;-)

Distance: 12.50 mi.

AEG: 0 ft.

Time: 40m

Hike Video

(I combined this and my 2013 trip into one video.)

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