Reims Cathedral

Reims Cathedral stained glass.

We walked to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims (Our Lady of Reims), which my wife & I spent about 90 minutes exploring. There has been a church on the site since 401 A.D.; the “modern” cathedral dates from the early 13th century. 25 French kings have been coronated in the cathedral, including Charles VII, due to the efforts of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc). During Reims’s 1051 days of shelling in World War I, the cathedral’s roof collapsed, its stained glass windows were shattered, and it suffered serious masonry damage. Some of the stained glass was pieced back together shard-by-shard. You can still see some of the damage. However, words do not describe the cathedral’s beauty. 8-O

After that my wife wanted to check out the Palace of Tau, the bishop’s residence, which dates from 1131. We stopped at a tchotchke shop on the way across the court yard. I started feeling not quite right, so left my wife to check the palace while I returned to our hotel for a nap.

Distance: 2.00 mi.

AEG: 25 ft.

Time: 1h 20m

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