Shaw Butte Hoops

Phoenix Mountains Preserve

The famous Glasgow Celtic Hoops on the summit of Shaw Butte. Sunnyslope below.
The famous Glasgow Celtic Hoops on the summit of Shaw Butte. Sunnyslope below.

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The Celtic FC Foundation — the charitable arm of the team I support in Scotland — hosted a hike up Ben Nevis last Saturday. Since I live 5,000 miles away in Phoenix, and couldn’t just pop over for the day, I decided to hike Shaw Butte instead. (Complete with appropriate accoutrements, including a Guinness.) I took along a tripod so I could take “selfies” without duck-facing a handheld camera. When I started at 5:10 a.m. it was already 86 degrees. I figured two waters and a Gatorade, besides the aforementioned Guiness, ought to be sufficient liquid for a two hour hike. It wasn’t. After I had spent a fair amount of time at the towers, and then at Cloud Nine, taking photos, I started down the north side of the butte. I had a bottle of water to get me home, the last 2.5 or so miles. But it quickly ran out, and by the time I hit the bench, .75 miles from the NMVC, I was not feeling it. I called my wife for a pickup. Good thing too, as I think I was beginning to experience heat exhaustion. I have no idea how people can get out mid-day. One time I rode my bike for about 4 miles — less than an hour — in 115 degree heat, and I went through 40 oz of water. Anyway, back to somewhat cooler climes …

GPS File: Shaw_Butte_Trail_306

Distance: 10.83 mi.

AEG: 1,488 ft.

Time: 4h 26m

Shaw Butte Hoops Video

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