Hotel Exercise Room

The Cosmopolitan

Restored Jerry's neon sign.

Surprisingly, I was not the only guy in the Cosmopolitan gym at 6:30 a.m. The guy next to me on the bikes, and his trainer, were appearing on the Saturday night boxing card (Sean Monaghan). Later in the day, I took my wife to the Mob Museum and Neon Museum, which she had missed out on last year, due to visiting family in the Netherlands. The Neon Museum had two new, restored, lit up signs: One for Jerry’s and a beautiful one from the Liberace Museum. 8-O Dinner was at a small, but excellent, Italian place — Chicago Joe’s — just south of downtown on 4th St. It never occured to me that clams could go with red sauce, but that’s what I had and it was tasty indeed.

Distance: 12.00 mi.

AEG: 0 ft.

Time: 40m

Neon Museum Video #2

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