Brew City : Nationwide Super Cup

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In 2009, it will be between the BCFA side, and former-NPL side, which have the highest combined fantasy + prediction points total in 2008. In subsequent years (2010 and beyond), it will likely be between BCFA’s highest ranked fantasy team and highest ranked prediction team. Regardless, the format will be a two-leg, home & away series, with the score for a given leg being a team’s combined fantasy + prediction points for that week. Name will remain “Nationwide Supercup”.

Nationwide Super CupThe Nationwide Super Cup is an early-season cup between the previous year’s Miklos Feher Cup and John Thomson Cup champions. From 2005-2008, it was a Nationwide Premier League competition between the previous year’s NPL FA Cup and Fantasy League winners.

  • Cup Final: A two-leg, home & away contest. The Miklos Feher Cup champion is home for the first leg; the John Thomson Cup champion is home for the second leg. Points for a leg are a team’s combined fantasy & prediction points for that week. The team with the most aggregate points is champion. Aggregate draws are broken on away points. If the teams are level on away points, the winner will be determined, in order, by 1) fantasy points, 2) prediction points, 3) quiz question, 4) coin flip. For tie-breaking, only the second leg is considered.
  • Qualifies For: The champion qualifies for this year’s and next year’s Mug’O’Suds Invitational.
Past Champions
Year Team Owner
2011  Dynamo Silver Spring  Mark Lewis
2010 Mohawks Todd Bevan
2009 Clockwork Orange Jason Benfield
2008 Causmos Steve Ercolano
2007 Zooropa Statix FC Matthew Martin
2006 New Bedford Knights Brian De Sousa
2005 Mohawks Todd Bevan