Brew City : League Cup

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Brew City League Cup

The Brew City League Cup is awarded to the team at the top of the 1st Division after third round of league league competition.

  • Match Points: Teams score one match point for each MFLS fantasy point scored. Only starters are counted.
  • League Play: Three divisions of ten teams. Each division plays a round-robin, so that each team plays one match against each other team in the division. (There is no ‘home’ or ‘away’.) Three division points for a win; one division point for a draw. Ties in division standings are broken, in order, 1) division match point difference, 2) division match points for, 3) head-to-head match point difference, 4) quiz question, 5) coin flip.
  • Promotion / Relegation: The bottom two teams in the 1st and 2nd Divisions are relegated; the top two teams in the 2nd and 3rd Division are promoted. There are three rounds, or seasons, of league play: Spring, Summer and the League Championship. Promotion and relegation occurs after each season, which means even a team that begins the year in the 3rd Division may still win the league. Teams which leave the BCFA vacate their slot; no current BCFA team will be promoted or relegated to the vacated slot.
  • Qualifies For: The champion qualifies for next year’s Mug’O’Suds Invitational.
Past Champions
Year Team Owner
2012 Top Shelf David Thomas
2011 Dudley Street Hooligans David Arndt
2010 Dynamo Silver Spring Mark Lewis
2009 Phoenix TS Michael Thomas
2008 Aviators Hal Jones
2007 Dynamo Silver Spring Mark Lewis
2006 Top Shelf David Thomas
2005 Aviators Hal Jones
2004 JC Comets Jose Fajardo
2003 Top Shelf David Thomas
2002 Top Shelf David Thomas
2001 Top Shelf David Thomas
2000 Alewive FC Preston McMurry