Brew City : MFLS Prediction League

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The MFLS Prediction League champion is the team which finishes with the most prediction points in all of MFLS.

  • Prediction Points: Teams score points based on the MFLS prediction scoring criteria. Points are cumulative over the course of the season. There is no match, head-to-head, group or league play.
  • Qualifies For: The champion qualifies for next year’s Mug’O’Suds Invitational.
Past Champions
Year Team Owner
2011 HANDtoBALLS Sean Taddiken
2010 Hounds FC Tim Drew
2009 Hotspur Kent Kille
2008 Hotspur Kent Kille
2007 Hakuna Matata Adam Witt
2006 Cheddarheads Scott Barth
2005 fhqwhgads Michael J. Jirkans
2004 \_O_/ Steven Johnson
2003 MadMen Ben Lukas
2002 Falls Church City George Bromley
2001 Chicago Sting Michael Vraney
2000 Engineers Jim Kulenguskey