Brew City : MFLS Cup Winners Cup

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Cup Winners Cup

The Cup Winners Cup is a competition featuring cup winner’s from many different MFLS leagues.

  • Qualifies For: The champion qualifies for next year’s Mug’O’Suds Invitational.
Past Champions
Year Team Owner League
2011 Top Shelf David Thomas Brew City FA
2010 FC Chunkers Cristi Thomas Division Of Great Significance
2009 Lowbrow Wanderers SC John Zukas All American Premier League
2008 Athletico Foozer Brandon Jett Crew Fans
2007 Causmos Steve Ercolano Nationwide Premier League
2006 Aviators Hal Jones Brew City FA
2005 Aviators Hal Jones Brew City FA
2004 Top Shelf David Thomas Brew City FA
2003 Nicol & Dime FC Ugo Biscaia RevMFLS
2002 Blackthorne Highlanders Kerry Kernaghan River Ratz of the Nose
2001 beggar Tom Weible MFLS Champions
2000 Headhunter FC Michael Driskill KC Wizards MFLS
1999 cYber warriors Habib Erkan Burnfan