Brew City : Miklos Feher Cup

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Miklos Feher Cup

Miklos Feher Cup: In 2009, and beyond, will be awarded to the team which finishes highest in BCFA’s MFLS-standard division fantasy table. (Transferring from an existing NPL competition to an existing BCFA competion.) The NPL-style of trophy will continue to be awarded.

The Miklos Feher Cup is awarded to the team at the top of the Brew City FA Fantasy League at the end of the season. It is named in honor of Miklos Feher, who died on the pitch in 2004. From 2004-2008, it was a Nationwide Premier League competition, while from 1999-2008, in Brew City, it was simply known as the Fantasy League.

  • MFLS Points: Teams score points based on the MFLS fantasy scoring criteria. Points are cumulative over the course of the season. There is no match, head-to-head, group or league play.
  • Qualifies For: The champion qualifies for next year’s Nationwide Super Cup and Mug’O’Suds Invitational. The first place team after a to-be-determined week qualifies for this year’s Champions League.
Brew City Champions
Year Team Owner
Miklos Feher Cup, 2009-Present
2011 Phoenix TS Michael Thomas
2010 Dynamo Silver Spring Mark Lewis
2009 Mohawks Todd Bevan
Fantasy League, 1999-2008
2008 Top Shelf David Thomas
2007 Dynamo Silver Spring Mark Lewis
2006 Aviators Hal Jones
2005 Aviators Hal Jones
2004 Top Shelf David Thomas
2003 Aviators Hal Jones
2002 Top Shelf David Thomas
2001 Aviators Hal Jones
2000 Stonebury United Ted Stone
1999 Top Shelf David Thomas

The Miklos Feher Cup changed formats and qualification standards on a regular basis, prior to being incorporated into Brew City in 2009. It is named in honor of Miklos Feher, who died on the pitch in 2004.

NPL Champions
Year Team Owner
2008 Hirudinae FC Derek Arndt
2007 FC Orlando 98 Eddie Arent
2006 FC Stark Industries C.E. Petit
2005 Badger Up FC Joseph Sloan
2004 Causmos Steve Ercolano


Miklos Feher (1979-2004)