Fletcher Canyon

2017-06-08 0

My wife Bernie and I were in Las Vegas to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Lisbon Lions winning the European Cup in 1967 at […]

Tanner Peak

2017-06-04 3

I’ve had Tanner Peak on my list for two years, since I hiked Armer Mountain, looking for the West Point C-47 wreckage. The last time […]

Palo Verde Trail #512

2017-03-02 3

Last night, after planning this hike — downloading the route, etc. — I got a tweet from the Tonto National Forest that most of the […]

Bison Trail

2016-07-15 0

My favorite soccer player is Greek international Georgios Samaras. Big Sammi played six years at Celtic, before moving on to West Bromwich Albion in England, […]

Jasper Forest Road

2016-05-19 2

After finishing my early morning hike to First Forest Point, I drove around the traffic circle to the other end of the Jasper Point trailhead […]

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