Yugo Digest

yugo_digest_logoThe Yugo Digest was a digest of current events in the various republics of ex-Yugoslavia: Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Vojvodina, Slovenia, Montenegro & Kosovo. It was published as a monthly hard copy as the Yugo News for the 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion from April, 1993, to January, 1996. It was also published weekly on the web from November, 1995 until I deployed in January, 1996. I resumed web publication from my return home in April, 1996 until my hard drive was toasted in July, 1996. There is some overlap between the two. The hardcopies are available as image .pdf files. Bibliography.

Date In This Issue
1945-1993Yugoslavia timeline prior to Yugo Digest.
1993-04-15War crimes; Greater Serbia; relief operations; Serbo-Croat dictionary.
1993-04-29The Mind of Milosevic; Srebrenica surrenders; Pentagon considers military options; Serbo-Croat dictionary.
1993-05Considering the Military Option (Part I); Serbian economy close to collapse; Croat-Muslim fighting in Mostar; Serbia rejects U.N. peace plan.
1993-06Cosic, Seselj & Serb Radical Party update; Bosnian options; U.N. Charter allows arming Bosnians; Balkan Chronology.
1993-07Draft resolution a failure; war crimes tribunal; NATO cosying up to Albania.
1993-08Considering the Military Option (Part II); The Ecology of War; Deterence?; Who's Who.
1993-09Lessons of Bosnia; U.S. plans Bosnia deployment; Greater Croatia.
1993-10U.S. Policy?; Serbian economy; Croats massacre Muslims.
1993-12Greco-Albanian relations; historic bridge destroyed in Mostar; Albanians attempt Macedonia breakaway; Travel Agent; Danube Dominoes; Arkan.
1994-01Croatia's Tudjman threatens ouright invasion of Bosnia ; Humanitarian aid causes more harm than good; Pakistan, Turkey & Bosnia.
1994-02Peacekeeper "neutrality"; safe-haven maneuver; U.S. credibility; target Sarajevo; Markale Market massacre.
1994-03A lasting peace?; NATO plane shot down; Macedonia aid package; Bosnia-Croat federation approved; Serbs take Gorazde.
1994-04Shakey Serb chain of command; Serbs shoot down British jet; Karadzic tours front; bumbling in Bosnia; NATO creates "exclusion zones".
1994-05Exclusion zones violated; Mutiny!; U.N. forces worldwide; arms smuggling; Albanians in Kosovo & Macedonia; attacks on U.N. forces.
1994-06American presebce in Macedonia; embargo busting; not just peace, but justice, is what Bosnia wants; Yugoslavia begins minting gold coins; battle for Bihac.
1994-07Fighting in central Bosnia; Krajina flare-up?; peace plan; Serb power struggle; Greater Serbia; Macedonia-Slovenia alliance; war crimes tribunal; Serb humor.
1994-08Serb family spat; Sarajevo airport closures; the fall of Abdic; Papal visit cencelled; Bosnian Serbs prevent ecavcuation of Gorazde; no fly zone operations.
1994-09Yugoslavia sanctions eased, Serb assault on Bihac; Pope visits Croatia; U.S. invades Haiti; Serb "travel agent"; Ratko Mladic: Pariah as Patriot.
1994-10Bosnian Serbs delay U.N. aid; fighting in Mostar; hardliner Seselj jailed by Milosevic; Sarajevo airport closed; relief trucks hijacked; Macedonia elections.
1994-11Battle for Bihac; panty raid; Operation Sharp Guard blunted; NATO attacks Serb AA sites; U.S. Marines ordered to Adriatic; Operation Denu Flight.
1994-12Jimmy Carter; Yugoslavia aids Bosnian Serbs in Bihac; peacekeepers held hostage; Yugoslavia budget; war crimes tribunal; daily blackouts.
1995-01Croatia to kick out U.N.?; the U.N. at work; U.S. holds direct talks with Bosnian Serbs; UNPROFOR change of command; U.N. vehicles stolen.
1995-02Punctured but still struggling; Bosnian-Croat fallout; Back to the Future; U.S. policy change; Arkan's wedding of the century; UFOs over Tuzla; NATO arming Bosnians?
1995-03Bosnian Spring offensive; April Fools in Croatia; attacks on UNPROFOR; Dutch peacekeepers resupplied in Srebrenica; Carter Ceasefire falling apart.
1995-04May Day offensive; Carter Ceasefire expires; 3rd anniversary of war; new mandates for ex-Yugoslavia; Albanians riot in Macedonia; blockade busting.
1995-05NATO & UN battles Bosnian Serbs; Serb political divisions; continued Croat-Serb fighting in Slavonia; heavy fighting in Sarajevo; NATO timeline.
1995-06U.S. plane shot down; Bosnian-Croat Sarajevo offensive; Greco-Turkish conflict; war crimes tribunal; Serb radical leader Seselj arraested; Scott O'Grady rescued.
1995-07Serbs seize Srebrenica "safe area"; Zepa is second domino; Croat assault into Krajina; military lessons of Bosnia; Srebrenica Massacre.
1995-08Croatia liberates Krajina; Bosnian power struggle; NATO bombs Serbs; brutality in Zepa; Karadzic relieves Mladic of command; U.S. envoy dies.
1995-09Peace in Bosnia?; U.N. goes broke; Macedonia-Greece peace; anatomy of a Croat attack; NATO air strikes; Serbs demonstrate in D.C.; tit-for-tat massacres.
1995-10Macedonia president Gligorov assassination attempt; ceasefire & peace talks; changing face of IFOR; missing French pilots; Bosnian Serbs bomb refugee camp.
1995-11Dayton peace talks; missing reporter. U.S. & IFOR: mission & funding; Bosnians indicted for war crimes; changing face of Bosnia; Karadzic & Mladic indicted.
1995-11-25Peace agreement reached in Dayton, how peace was made, fine tuning the treaty.
1995-12-02Clinton addresses nation, new NATO Secretary-General, US advance troops arrive in Bosnia.
1995-12-09French general dismissed, Clinton haggles with Congress, Clinton activates Reserves.
1995-12-16French pilots released, peace treaty signed in Paris, weather delays US deployment, the refugee question.
1995-12-23Weather clears over Tuzla; Tuzla gold rush; kinder, gentler artillery.
1995-12-30432nd Civil Affairs mobilized, Clinton suspends sanctions against Yugoslavia, first US casualty.
1996-01-06More bridge troubles; PC firing line; troops walk thin line; incidents in Mostar.
1996-01-13Yugo Digest editor deploys to Bosnia.
In country for a few months ...
1996-04-27U.S. to stay more than year; U.S. caught running arms to Bosnians; killings in Kosovo; ICTY releases suspect.
1996-05-04U.S. aid to Bosnia; battle near Doboj; "democracy" in Croatia; war criminals arrested.
1996-05-11Tadic trial begins; crackdown in Croatia.
1996-05-18U.S. admits knowledge of smuggling; the 'Zvornik 7'; Yugoslav economic savior fired; Bosnian Serb power struggle.
1996-05-25Karadzic retains power; Iran-Bosnagate Senate testimony; the real story behind the capture of the Zvornik 7.
1996-06-01First war crimes conviction; movement not so free; secret U.N. deal to stop air strikes; Iran-Bosnagate House testimony.
1996-06-08Mob violence continues to rise; Frowick orders doctored reports; faint hopes for electoral fairness.
1996-06-15Increasing chance of extended U.S. involvement; arms control agreement; Izetbegovic's SDA harasses Muslim opposition.
1996-06-22Joint Endeavor reaches halfway point; eyewitnesses finger Tadic.
1996-06-29Fifth anniversary of war; 607th anniversary of Kosovo; Karadzic resignation rumors; tit-for-tat ethnic cleansing.
1996-07-06Karadzic still in power?; Dutch commander grilled by ICTY; Serbs block Srebrenica investigation; confrontation in Han P.
1996-07-13Anniversary of Srebrenica massacre; international warrants issued for Karadzic and Mladic; increasing attacks on peacekeepers.
1996-07-20Bosnian military restructuring begins; another Canadian peacekeeping scandal; Karadzic resigns ... again.