Yugoslavia Timeline (1945-1993)

Ruins in Olovo.
Ruins in Olovo.

Timeline of important post-war events in Yugoslavia prior to Spring, 1993.

1945-11Tito becomes prime minister of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia.
1948-06Yugoslavia expelled from Soviet bloc.
1971-07Tito introduces "rotating presidency" to share power between nationalities.
1980-05Tito dies.
1981-01First unrest (sabotage & demonstrations). Kosovo demands status as a full republic.
1984-02Sarajevo Winter Olympics
1987-10Emergency security measures introduced in Kosovo.
1989-02Azem Vlasi, representative of Kosovo, dismissed from the Yugoslav Central Committee.
1989-09Slovenia amends Slovene constitution to allow secession.
1989-10Vlasi put on trial. Slobodan Milosevic, president of Serbia, urges mass Serbian settlement (shades of "Lebensraum"?) of Kosovo.
1989-12Serbia severs economic ties with Slovenia. Slovenia closes border with Serbia.
1990-05Borisav Jovic, of Serbia, becomes the last rotating president of Yugoslavia.
1990-07Serbia amends federal constitution to remove autonomous status of Kosovo and Vojvodina. Slovenia declares autonomy.
1990-08Croatia encounters first internal, armed resistance from indigenous Serbs.
1990-10Serbian regions of of Croatia decalre independence from Croatia.
1990-12Milosevic reelected Serbian president. Croatia amends Croatian constitution to allow secession.
1991-01Federal army ordered to disarm all paramilitary groups. Macedonia amends Macedonian constitution to allow secession.
1991-05Serbia, Kosovo and Vojvodina attempt to prevent Stipe Mesic, a Croatian, from assuming his scheduled rotation of the federal presidency.
1991-06Croatia and Slovenia declare independence. Serbia invades Croatia and Slovenia.
1991-08Serbia withdraws from Slovenia. Negotiations and diplomacy begin.
1991-09Kosovo and Macedonia declare independence. UN imposes arms embargo on Yugoslavia.
1991-11Croatia begins military operations in Serbia.
1991-12Mesic resigns as federal president. Serbian regions of Croatia declare independence from Croatia.
1992-01European Community recognizes independence of Slovenia and Croatia.
1992-03Bosnia-Herzegovina declares independence. Serbian regions of Bosnia declare independence from Bosnia.
1992-04New Republic of Yugoslavia established, consisting of Serbia, Kosovo, Vojvodina and Montenegro.
1992-05Federal Republic resumes formal hostilites with Croatia. Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia admitted to the UN.
1992-06UN dipatches peacekeeping force to Sarajevo.
1993-04UN begins enfocring flight ban over Bosnia. I begin publishing Yugo Digest, a more detailed newsletter.