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1993-04The Mind of Milosevic
1994-03Victory With Bitter Aftermath
1994-03Lingering Shadows Over the Balkans
1994-04Bringing Relief to Bosnia: Rigger-ous Mission
1994-09-04Pariah as Patriot: Ratko Mladic
1995-12-05Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia
1995-12-13Green Bay Reserve Unit May Ship to Bosnia
1995-12-29Green Bay Reserve Unit Activated For Possible Deployment to Bosnia
1995-12-29432nd Prepares for Duty
1995-12-29Unit Likely Going to Tuzla
1995-12-30Local 432nd Starts Moving Out Tuesday
1995-12-31Hardest Part: Leaving Family
1996-01Foreign Policy as Social Work
1996-01-04Reserve Unit Packs Up For Bosnia
1996-01-04He's "doing what Todd would do"
1996-01-11USASOC Deploys for European Theater
1996-01-13432nd Members Head to Bosnia
1996-01-26Civil Affairs Bridges Civilian/Military Gap
1996-03-03Not needed in Bosnia, nine 432nd members left in limbo
1996-03-16Soldier shot in arm by Bosnian intruder
1996-03-22Civil Affairs Team Bridges Language Gap
1996-04-18432nd may be home from Bosnia early
1996-05Managing Civil Affairs in Bosnia
1996-05On the Gate in Tuzla
1996-05Far-Flung Support: Operation Joint Endeavor
1996-05-06'Clever Endeavor' Not So Clever After All
1996-05-24"Officer X" takes charge of Zvornik 7
1996-06-16432nd members back with families
1996-08-10Graffiti Mars Serbian Church
1996, FallThe Officer: Reserve Forces in Bosnia
1997, MarchBosnia after Dayton: Year Two
1997, March / AprilTaking the (Excess) Worry out of Deployment to Bosnia
1998-09-15Sending in the Troops
1999-04-11Why the United States is at War with Serbia
1999-12-06Spotting the Bonfire at the End of the Tunnel