432nd Members Head to Bosnia

Green Bay to Bosnia LogoFORT BRAGG, N.C. — Ten reservists from Green Bay’s 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion will depart Sunday for an intermediate staging base in Hungary before heading to Tuzla, Bosnia.

They are the first contingent of Green bay reservists to leave the country to join the NATO peacekeeping force in Bosnia.

Lt. Col. Brian Kilgariff, unit commander, said Friday night the reservists expect to stay in Bosnia for a year.

“We’ll be staying in tents,” Kilgariff said. “Some of the area is less than desirable for our own physical comforts but mentally the soldiers are prepared to go, motivated and anxious to go.

“If we can alleviate any pain and suffering, it’s a worthwhile endeavor,” he added.


Green Bay Press-Gazette
January 13, 1996

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