Unit Likely Going to Tuzla

Green Bay to Bosnia LogoThe mission of Green Bay’s 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion will be to bridge the gap between Bosnian civil authorities and the military.

After training at Fort Bragg, N.C., members of the 432nd will begin deployment by mid-January.

Reservists will report to the Intermediate Staging Base in Hungary, before heading into Bosnia. They expect to be based in Tuzla.

“Our mission is essential to support the First Armored Division and their needs there,” said Lt. Col. Brian Kilgariff, commander of the 432nd. “We’ll be supporting the (NATO peace implementation force) for not only American troops, but the Nordic Brigade as well.”

Members will offer technical assistance. For example, they may help rebuild a war-damaged school.

Kilgariff said members of his unit speak Croatian, Russian and French, and will assist with language barriers as well.


By Julie Rossich
Green Bay Press-Gazette
December 29, 1995

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