Plymouth, WI

2017-08-02 0

Up “late”, by my standards, for another 6:30 a.m. walk. This morning, I simply headed west on Sumac Rd., almost all the way to the […]

Plymouth, WI

2017-08-01 0

The first morning of our third annual trip to Wisconsin. In 2015, we stayed at the Rochester Inn in Sheboygan Falls. Last year they were […]

Plymouth, WI

2016-08-03 0

After walking around the east side of Plymouth yesterday, today I explored the west side. After checking out some train graffiti at the old depot, […]

Plymouth, WI

2016-08-02 0

A good way to learn any area is to bike it. You sense more on a bicycle than you do speeding by in a car. […]

Walk to Post Office

2016-01-20 0

Almost two years ago, my wife & I travelled to Scotland for some Celtic matches. While there, we visited the grave of William Angus in […]

Walk to Post Office

2016-01-12 0

49° when I started at 1030; 55° when I finished at 1135. Had to check the traffic hump installation in our HOA. Was going to […]

Neighborhood Walk

2016-01-03 0

64° when I started at 1123 when I started. Had originally planned to drive around my HOA, as I had a project to mark speed […]

AZ 77 Highway Cleanup

2015-12-06 0

The Aravaipa Property Owners Association cleaned up their section of AZ 77, just south of Aravaipa Creek, today. We also had a crew cleaning up […]

Ohio State Campus Walk

2015-09-11 0

I was intending to be winging my way home today, but my dad scored tickets to the game tomorrow, against Hawai’i, including pre-game field passes! […]

Sheboygan Falls, WI

2015-06-07 0

I had intended to do a second walk around Sheboygan Falls yesterday, but was too stiff after my Ice Age Trail 14-miler the day before. […]

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