Phoenix Asshole Drivers #10

Phoenix Traffic Stress Disorder

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #10

It seems to be one month is up, one month is down. This was a down month, with my PTSD (Phoenix Traffic Stress Disorder) reaching such epic proportions that one day I got home and polished off half a bottle of whisky.

Bear in mind, I’m retired: I don’t even commute anymore. (When I did, I used need a second hand to count all the incidences of attempted vehicular homicide / suicide I would witness.) Now, I maybe drive 2-3 times a week, most of my miles driving to do some hike or another.

Tell me Hank, why do you drink?

  1. Another appearance by Sergeant Halftrack & his camper.
  2. Small Penis Syndrome.
  3. No respect for the Fire Department.
  4. A guy parked in a drive lane. (Parked, not broke down.)
  5. Comic relief.
  6. This month’s King Asshole.

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #10

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