National Mall

Washington D.C.

The National Mall, in Washington D.C.

The weather went from chilly, but warming, on Saturday, to chilly all day on Sunday, to cold & snowy on Monday — which was, of course, the day we had chosen to visit the National Mall to see the cherry blossoms. :roll: It was too miserable to stroll the mall, so we ducked into the Smithsonian Air & Space museum for about an hour. It was crowded when we got there about 10am, and was shoulder-to-shoulder — mostly with inattentive, noisy, teens :evil: — by the time we left. Cool displays, and I played “name the plane/rocket/missile” before we left. I bought an Apollo XIII “Failure is not an option” t-shirt, amongst other souvenirs. My wife wanted to visit Macy’s, so after stopping for hot soup at a sports bar across from the National Archives metro station, we continued walking up 7th St. NW, to the Verizon Center, before turning west on G St. NW. Entertainment was provided not by the woeful Washington Wizards, but rather by a screaming, running, crazy lady. We quickly crossed the street. Macy’s was disappointing, so we walked down to Pennsylvania Ave. NW, and hopped the 32 bus back to Georgetown.

Distance: 2.30 mi.

AEG: 75 ft.

Time: 1h 30m

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