Preston’s Desert Storm Letters – 5 Apr 91

Fri, 5 Apr 91
Kuwait City, Kuwait

Dear Donna,

We started packing up & tearing down our hooches today. There’s no more poncho walls, school chair tables, or school book box walls (the warehouse we live in until Sunday morning belongs to the Ministry of Education).

I hope you like the picture. It’s from Ft. Bragg back in January. I meant to send it to you sooner, but it got lost in all the stuff I had laying around (and I have less “stuff” than most people).

There’s a rumor going around that we could leave Saudi as soon as April 14th; our stay at Bragg will be 3-5 days; That means if everything goes right we could be in Green Bay in less than two weeks (though I suspect it won’t be until May).

 (later in the afternoon) 

Looks like I got a ton of letters from you today, so I gotta close this card and get to those 

Kuwait education warehouse hooch.
Kuwait education warehouse hooch.

McMurry’s Notes

  1. Donna was my friend before I left for the Gulf, and my on-again, off-again girlfriend for several years after I returned. We’re still good friends.

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