Walk to Post Office

Mr. Zip (post office mascot)

49° when I started at 1030; 55° when I finished at 1135. Had to check the traffic hump installation in our HOA. Was going to drive, but then realized today was the last day — :shock: — to pay my Amex bill. Could have driven it, but figured I would not want to do a backyard hike after rushing around, so decided to combine all three activities by walking to the post office. I used to walk everywhere when I was a teen: Five miles (one way) home from my job caddying, five miles to the barber (round trip), riding my bicycle everywhere else, etc. Ah, the good ol’ days … :)

p.s. Crappy Garmin 62S somehow contrived to start me at 1600 el. when my house is actually about 1380 el.

Distance: 2.84 miles

AEG: 93 ft.

Time: 51m

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