Turd of the Week #5

Cavalry to the Rescue!

Just when I was thinking there would be no appropriate nominee for Turd of the Week, IFAB comes to the rescue. Not satisfied with screwing up the game one way, or even two, they shoot for the trifecta:

> CARDIFF, Feb 19 (Reuters) – A season-long experiment of using two referees to
> control matches is likely to be approved at the annual meeting of soccer’s
> law-making International Board on Saturday.
> The Board is also expected to discuss giving limited approval for goal-line
> technology, also for a trial period, to decide on debatable goals.
> Trials of the rugby-style free-kick ruling which has been operating with great
> success in Jersey this season will probably continue.
> Free-kicks have been advanced 9.15 metres (10 yards) if the defending team
> have not immediately retreated the required 9.15 metres from the free-kick as
> stipulated by Law 13.


Turd of the Week

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