Walkin’ Jim Trail

2017-02-12 2

In late Fall, I set out a “program” for six months of hiking. I planned it so I got in some distance hikes, some elevation […]

Peak 3465

2011-12-31 0

Met up with burntlizard about 0715. I thought it would be dawn at 0700, but it was still dark out by Lake Pleasant. We headed out […]

Walkin’ Jim Trail

2011-04-10 0

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. At 0612, it was 45 degrees, no breeze. Frickin’ cold 45, it was. I could see fresh […]

Walkin’ Jim Trail

2011-03-27 0

We started counterclockwise, as a walk with my non-hiking stepson and wife (who has bad feet). Trail is definitely not “well worn” (per hike description), […]