Phoenix Asshole Drivers #2

Phoenix Traffic Stress Disorder

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #2

I suffer from PTSD: Phoenix Traffic Stress Disorder.

Last year, when I first thought of documenting the daily hell that is driving in Maricopa County, I thought it was an original idea. How wrong could someone be?

Of course, there are other videos of asshole Phoenix drivers. :roll:

Given the sheer volume of assholes, morons, and myopia, it was inevitable that not only would there be other people who suffered enough to post a video, some have already created scores of episodes each.

Just yesterday, on AZ-51, southbound towards the Northern exit, I saw a white sedan fly past at 20+ mph above the pace of traffic, then cut across four lanes at the last second to the exit. The asshole almost wrecked a blue pickup in the right hand drive lane. Then, so extreme was his angle, almost perpendicular to traffic, that the asshole came within a ball hair of crashing into the wall, turning left, at speed, to make the exit. Unfortunately, we were in my wife’s non-dashcam car. :-|

Phoenix Asshole Drivers

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