Phoenix Asshole Drivers #12

Phoenix Traffic Stress Disorder

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #12

I try to avoid driving, if at all possible, due to my PTSD (Phoenix Traffic Stress Disorder). For instance, I will walk the 2.5 mile round trip to the post office, or Walgreens. But you may have noticed it’s been a bit hot in Phoenix lately: Ten straight days where the high temp was over 110°, including a near-record 121°. (The record of 122° was set on June 25, 1990, the day the Dude Fire ignited; my backyard record is 123.8, set last year.)

My wife and I have also done some travelling out of state, including to Connecticut and North Carolina. Unfortunately, the dashcam I bought for travel was blurry in Connecticut, and failed to record all but the final 90 seconds of our trip to North Carolina. It’s only the second dashcam I’ve bought, and I’ve had issues with both.

I’m not a techno geek, and the problem I am trying to solve is not dashcam internals, but recording events on the road. I expect a dashcam to be plug & play, easy to use, right out of the box. In fact, I expect that out of most things. Screw the gee whiz bangs: Do the simple things well.

This month’s Phoenix Asshole Driver lowlights:

  1. Turning from a straight lane.
  2. Nude dude.
  3. Traffic blocking u-turn.
  4. Homeless rodeo.
  5. Banzai!
  6. This month’s King Asshole.

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #12

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