Comics & Memes

2016-10-25 0

I call them “comics” but they are visual hacks, memes, etc. that may be humorous or serious. Artistic quality = nil.

Four Legs in MLS

2011-09-23 0

Horror tackles and Garber fiddling, Hacks and thugs free to roam This summer I hear the snapping Four legs in MLS Gotta get down to […]

Turd of the Week #65

2000-08-12 0

An animal in bed: That’s wot the missus said. Beckham of course. When it isn’t screaching inane lyrics to third rate disco beats, the Mouth of […]

Turd of the Week #60

2000-06-24 0

I woke up this morning and got myself a beer; The future’s uncertain, the end is always near. Clueless USSF Aparatchik of the Week: USSF COO […]

Turd of the Week #58

2000-06-10 0

A man has to have some perspective: Perica Azdic, a 31-year old Yugoslav defender with Cypriot first division side Ethnikos Akhna, was found hanged at his […]

Turd of the Week #57

2000-06-03 0

Wham-bam, thank you ma’am! “[MLS] is giving me the opportunity to grow as a soccer player with the possibility of playing in Europe after this season.” […]

Turd of the Week #54

2000-04-29 0

Dingleberries of the Week: I’m getting really pissed at Soccer America. My issues usually don’t arrive until the Monday *after* the matches they are previewing, and this […]

Turd of the Week #50

2000-04-01 0

Photo List This photo depicts: WWF Superstar Dusty Rhodes signing his New York Times bestseller. Joey Buttafouco explaining his philosophy on life & love. Pablo […]

Turd of the Week #44

2000-01-15 0

Celebrity sighting: I saw Sepp Blatter today. Then I flushed. Lumber futures up in European markets: Rivaldo, the newly-crowned European Footballer of the Year, was recently restored […]

Turd of the Week #43

2000-01-08 0

Photo Quiz This photo depicts: Nicky Butt buggering Dean Windass Nicola$ Anelka being screwed by Arsenal San Francisco Bay Seals halftime show Nicola$ Anelka being […]

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