Phoenix Asshole Drivers #13 – Las Vegas

Phoenix Traffic Stress Disorder

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #13

I use the terms brake-a-bator, brake-a-bation, braketurbation and masterbraker, interchangeably. All are portmanteaus of “braking” and “masturbation”, indicating one who brakes too frequently, thus playing with their brakes (instead of themselves). Do it too often, you’ll go blind.

My wife and I were recently in Las Vegas, again, this time for the Celtic Supporters Convention at the Westgate Resort & Casino. We have been visiting Vegas once or twice a year since we moved to Arizona in 2004. The O’Callaghan-Tillman bridge has sped the trip by avoiding Hoover Dam. This time around we noticed more earth being moved in the area, apparently for a Boulder City bypass. Travel from Phoenix will get even more efficient once I-11 gets built. (Not that current conditions stop anyone other than snowbirds from driving 85 mph anyway.)

Despite even more red light / stop sign runners than normal, this was a relatively good month, with no serious Phoenix Stress Disorder- / PTSD-causing incidents. Praise Jeebus!

This month’s Phoenix Asshole Driver lowlights:

  1. Brake-a-bation.
  2. Red light / stop sign runners galore.
  3. Banzai!
  4. Shooting the gap.
  5. Dangerous traffic signal.
  6. This month’s King Asshole.

Phoenix Asshole Drivers #13 – Las Vegas Road Trip

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