30 Jan. 81

1981-01-30 0

Magic potion Extroversion Release. Rushing erratically about Mad to live, mad to die Scream and shout Tango in the sky. Ride the yellow carriage Meet […]


1981-01-29 0

Conspiracy Satanic prowess Evil void Vipers alive Probing tongues Dark hammers Ethereal substance Stalking … Death of feeling … Death of Life?


1981-01-28 0

Dark night, Orange Moon; A clearing; Voices; Whispered incantations; Naked Virgin – Glistening steel, Driving Home.

The Boulevard

1981-01-27 0

Tangerine Obscene Plasticene Scenes Teeny boppers Heart stoppers Midnight shoppers Thrill coppers Eyes glazed Innocents amazed Minds crazed Idols praised.


1981-01-26 0

Gaping mouth Sucking presence Musty passage Tangleroot.


1981-01-25 0

To Jenny Two desperate souls Lost wilderness Clinging madly Saffron existence. Orange sunshine Adoration Exuberance. Dark mythology Wind bespoke Tragedy. Day’s experience Apocalypse hovers Seconds […]

The Fly

1981-01-20 0

Little guy Who’s your family? Who’s your friend? From maggot to pest Despised by the rest Until the end ’til your last stand Living free […]


1980-01-20 0

Down through the tunnel of time Passed the pale traveller The priest of the mute people. Unknown but known (welcome) Feared yet loved (brothers and […]


1980-01-19 0

I fought it I don’t know why I fought it Now I give up I fought it Now I must die.


1980-01-18 0

Rejection Love for naught Hopeless desperation Death we’re taught. Sometimes fun Endless struggle fight Days in the sun Minds in the night. Up and down […]

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