432nd Civil Affairs Gulf War History

US Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command Patch432nd Civil Affairs Crest“From Green Bay to the Persian Gulf” is the official history of the 432nd Civil Affairs Company during the Gulf War, written by SSG Walter A. Coyle, with notes, letters and photos by myself. The 432nd participated in Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Provide Comfort (the post-war Kurdish relief effort), touring Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Turkey and Iraq.

By Chapter

Page Chapter
1 Moving Out: To Bragg and Beyond
8 The Linkup: The Advance Party Joins the Main Body
10 Mission Assigned: Kuwait City
15 A Side Trip to Emerald City
16 North to Kuwait City
19 Mission Deployed: Kuwait City
21 The Kurdish Detour
30 Postscript
*Footnotes relate my personal observations and experiences of our deployment.

Deployment Dates

12/11 Advance party activated for Operation Desert Shield
12/19 Advance party arrived in Saudi Arabia
1/3 Remainder of the 432nd activated
1/6 Main body and members from the 415th and 308th leave for Ft. Bragg, NC
1/17 Air war began
2/5 Main body arrived in Saudi Arabia, joining advanced party. Housing available at “Khobar Towers” in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
2/13 432nd moved to Al Jubayl
2/24 Ground war (Operation Desert Storm) begins
2/25 Trip to King Khalid Military City (KKMC, or “Emerald City”)
3/1 Arrived in Kuwait City
4/7 Departed Kuwait City
4/11 Ordered to Operation Provide Comfort
4/24 Arrived in Incirlik, Turkey
4/26 Arrived in Zakho, Iraq
5/27 Official takeover of Camp I by the United Nations High Commissionar for Refugees (UNHCR)
6/1 Official takeover of Camp 2 by UNHCR
6/4 Departed Zakho
6/10 Departed lncirlik for Ft. Bragg
6/19 Arrived back in Green Bay
6/22 SSG Walter A. Coyle releases official 432nd Civil Affairs Company unit history.

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