Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100

Phoenix Mountains Preserve

Trail #100 tunnel under Cave Creek Road
Trail #100 tunnel under Cave Creek Road

Figured I’d take advantage of a brief window of non-downpour. 53°, partly cloudy, and slightly cool, when I started at 0930. Signs of slight erosion and washout. Some muddy, but not slippery, areas. Sandy areas had compacted. Hard areas actually had some give in them. Trail 100 had a sign warning of flooding in the tunnel under Cave Creek Rd. Tunnel was fine, but there was a large puddle — really more of a lake — on the east side. (Jimmy Houston was fliming a show on it.) Found a bum nest to add to my “Better Bum Nests & Gardens” collection. No hikers; no MTBs. (Which is rare.) 54°, and quite chilly (the wind had come up), when I finished at 1105.

Distance: 4.66 miles

AEG: 481 ft.

Time: 1h 30m

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