Charles M. Christiansen Trail #100

Phoenix Mountains Preserve

Tone Loc's less famous brother?
Tone Loc's less famous brother?

My team, Glasgow Celtic, was due to be on TV down at Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub this morning at 0800. No one was there to open up, so I had my wife drop me off at the trailhead on Tatum, so I could walk the rest of the way home. A bit chilly at first, maybe low 50s, but a t-shirt was fine as exercise generated heat can handle that. Took mostly Trail #100 home to Sunnyslope. Just before Cave Creek Rd., I cut down a wash, to see if I might find anything interesting. Boy, did I. I came around a corner, spotting a plastic lawn chair. Upright. I thought that was odd, but just trash with a hole in the seat. Then I realized it wasn’t a lawn chair, but a bum toilet, with a large poo at Ground Zero, and poopy poop paper everywhere. :o Ewww! I took a shower when I got home …

Distance: 7.48 mi.

AEG: 761 ft.

Time: 2h 22m

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