Hoover Dam Tour

2014-12-12 0

Nice bike, but too hard to figure out, so did the same thing as yesterday, manipulating the resistance every two minutes to simulate riding hills. […]

Edinburgh Castle

2014-03-26 0

We walked up High Street — which in Edinburgh is a mile of kebab/pizza/fish & chips restaurants, historical markers, and tourist tchotchke shops — to […]

Rosslyn Chapel

2014-03-25 0

We trained from Glasgow Queen St. to Ediburgh Waverly (the central station). After checking in to our hotel, we walked north up Bridge St., then […]

Valley Forge

2013-03-28 0

Terrain dictates battles. You can’t understand the battle unless you understand the terrain. And you can’t understand the terrain from the comfort of your car. […]

National Mall

2013-03-25 0

The weather went from chilly, but warming, on Saturday, to chilly all day on Sunday, to cold & snowy on Monday — which was, of […]

National Zoo

2013-03-24 0

Our second full day in DC, we planned on visiting the National Zoo with our younger son and his family. We took the 32 bus […]

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