Turd of the Week #6

An Embarassment of Riches

First, the dishonorable mentions: Candidates who came close included Turd Emeritus Steve Sampson for his flatulant wisdom regarding the direction MLS and the men’s national team ought to take and suit-happy Debbie Keller for setting an example for aggrieved soccer parents everywhere by suing her way back into the women’s national team.

Second, let me grant that Sunil overstepped his bounds in spending the RotMaster’s money which they would rather not have spent on washed-up ex-national team player Tab Ramos. But what Sunil did was only politically incorrect and financially unwise. So he is not our Turd of the Week. He should be a hero for all he’s done for soccer in the U.S.:

Sunil Gulati Gulati linked MLS to grass roots

No, this week’s dishonoree is RotMasters investor-operator Stuart Subotnick (and by extension, his puppeteer, billionaire John Kluge). These seers, who’ve guided the RotMaster’s to the commanding heights of mediocrity, fired Sunil, the most competent, well-connected, hard-working employee in MLS. The stench is overwhelming, therefore:

Stuart Subotnick & John Kluge

Co-Turds of the Week

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