Turd of the Week #1

“Biennial World Cup gains support of U.S. president Contiguglia”

NEW YORK (Thursday, January 21, 1999) — Hoping to have the United States host the World Cup again as soon as possible, U.S. Soccer Federation president Bob Contiguglia has announced his support of a plan to have the quadrennial tournament held every two years. (Jerry Langdon, Soccer Times)

In addition to being Turd of the Week, Dr. Bob needs to get a new eyeglass prescription to cure his obvious short-sightedness, and see an EENT (eyes, ears, nose, throat) specialist to put his nose back in joint after he dislocated it shoving it up Sepp Blatter’s butt.

Dr. Bob Contiguglia

Turd of the Week

The above blog, one of the first sports blogs of any kind — before the word “blog” had even been coined — set off a four-year run of increasing humor & invective, until I burned out. At the end, I was spending 15-20 hours a week on it.

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