Temporary Lover

To Nina

nina_80He smiles with his face,
But not with his heart;
He says he loves you ,
But uses you from the start.

To him you’re nothing new,
Just another girl he can use;
He’s not touching you honey,
Just making love to you with money.

Says he’s changing his ways,
But there’s nothing you can do;
Keep on spending your days,
Hoping he’ll come back to you.

He’s moving on again now,
And loving someone new;
You’ll never forget him,
But he’s already forgotten you.

Nina gave me her drawing of a rose with those words and the wish that I take it with me everywhere I went. I put it in my wallet, where it remained for years (as you can see), before I had it placed in a nice frame. We lost touch in the late 80s. Last I heard, she was living in Alaska. I still miss her.

Nina got pregnant at 17. I wrote this poem for her, and gave it to her, sometime before that. It was written about the type of guy she went out with and who is unfortunately all-to-common in the lives of lonely teenage girls.

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