Tanner Peak

2017-06-04 3

I’ve had Tanner Peak on my list for two years, since I hiked Armer Mountain, looking for the West Point C-47 wreckage. The last time […]

Alamo Lake BM Loop

2017-02-23 0

Four years ago, almost to the day, I first hiked the Alamo Lake BM Loop. Back in early 2013, I was still trying to find […]

Quien Sabe Peak

2017-01-13 0

I first noticed Quien Sabe Peak’s distinct formation while hiking Cottonwood Creek from the Bronco Trailhead to Cave Creek last April. I frequently plan hikes, then don’t […]

North Mountain

2016-09-19 0

I don’t normally blog about short, local, maintenance hikes. That would be boring: “Yeah, I hiked up Camelback. Again.” Well, except Camelback is a zoo, […]

Piestewa Peak

2016-01-24 0

Most of my out of town hikes this month have been short, but I didn’t want to invest 4+ hours round trip drive time either, […]

Vulture Peak

2016-01-14 0

So, the desert race having been last week, I planned on hitting Camp Bouse Peak this week. Rather than take the long route via Bouse […]

Roblas Butte

2016-01-01 0

While I putting together my 2015 photo highlights video ( https://youtu.be/BCAsF-PFKAA ), I realized that what looked like good photos, viewed normally, did not look […]

Little Four Peaks

2015-12-13 0

42° from Phoenix to Apache Junction. Got to AJ too soon for store to be open to buy the jacket I forgot. All the way […]

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