Comics & Memes

2016-10-25 0

I call them “comics” but they are visual hacks, memes, etc. that may be humorous or serious. Artistic quality = nil.

Turd of the Week #64

2000-07-29 0

Close-ups: Just say “No!”: You! Yes, you, ESPN. Especially you! What is up with this sick American sports broadcasting fetish with anything and everything but the actual […]

Turd of the Week #50

2000-04-01 0

Photo List This photo depicts: WWF Superstar Dusty Rhodes signing his New York Times bestseller. Joey Buttafouco explaining his philosophy on life & love. Pablo […]

Turd of the Week #49

2000-03-18 0

Oldfart Matthäus Photo List This photo depicts: Lothar & the Hand People performing their hit “Space Hymn”. Lothar commanding his minions to kneel before him. […]

Turd of the Week #44

2000-01-15 0

Celebrity sighting: I saw Sepp Blatter today. Then I flushed. Lumber futures up in European markets: Rivaldo, the newly-crowned European Footballer of the Year, was recently restored […]

Turd of the Week #42

1999-12-18 0

Men’s College Cup / Crap Referee of the Week: If TotW found the San Jose pitch at last week’s Women’s College Cup besmirched by two […]

Turd of the Week #37

1999-11-13 0

Headline of the Week: “Bebeto to quit Mexican club after being ‘ordered’ to play”. Other headlines we can expect to see in the future: Anelka to […]

Turd of the Week #25

1999-08-07 0

RotMasters do not lose! Of course they didn’t play last week either, but what New Yawkah could complain? SJ Clash do not lose! Of course they did […]

Turd of the Week #24

1999-07-31 0

Hero of the Week: Miami Fusion defender Edwin Gorter for his 83rd minute free kick goal that gave the Fusion a 1-0 victory over the RotMasters, […]

Turd of the Week #16

1999-05-21 0

Tom Presthus GK, DC United Separated at Birth? Reverend Jim Ignatowski cab-driving burnout Columbus Crew Stadium, Grand Opening Crowd (15 May 99) Hero of the […]

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