Comics & Memes

2016-10-25 0

I call them “comics” but they are visual hacks, memes, etc. that may be humorous or serious. Artistic quality = nil.

Stewart Regan’s Tequila

2016-05-17 0

On May 15, 2016, Scottish Football Association (SFA) CEO Stewart Regan had a bottle of tequila confiscated while passing through London Heathrow (LHR) airport security. […]

Edinburgh Castle

2014-03-26 0

We walked up High Street — which in Edinburgh is a mile of kebab/pizza/fish & chips restaurants, historical markers, and tourist tchotchke shops — to […]

Arthur’s Seat

2014-03-26 0

GPS gave me a reading of 5.48 miles and 1346 AEG. Haz gave me a 5.04 miles, but no AEG, as it does not yet […]

Rosslyn Chapel

2014-03-25 0

We trained from Glasgow Queen St. to Ediburgh Waverly (the central station). After checking in to our hotel, we walked north up Bridge St., then […]

Turd of the Week #68

2000-09-09 0

Keep me away from weapons: Does it irritate anyone else to no end that some morons insist on using the phrase “the MLS”? The MLS what? The letters M, […]

Turd of the Week #54

2000-04-29 0

Dingleberries of the Week: I’m getting really pissed at Soccer America. My issues usually don’t arrive until the Monday *after* the matches they are previewing, and this […]

Turd of the Week #53

2000-04-22 0

Another team outdraws Kansas City: 14,023 fans attended a match last week between Arsenal and Middlesbrough. A shockingly low number, one would think. Even considering that […]

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