Comics & Memes

2016-10-25 0

I call them “comics” but they are visual hacks, memes, etc. that may be humorous or serious. Artistic quality = nil.

Four Legs in MLS

2011-09-23 0

Horror tackles and Garber fiddling, Hacks and thugs free to roam This summer I hear the snapping Four legs in MLS Gotta get down to […]

Turd of the Week #64

2000-07-29 0

Close-ups: Just say “No!”: You! Yes, you, ESPN. Especially you! What is up with this sick American sports broadcasting fetish with anything and everything but the actual […]

Turd of the Week #38

1999-11-20 0

Dumbass Treckerism of the Week: TotW was under the impression, due to the virtually simultaneous disappearance of Jerry Trecker from Sporting News and appearance of Jamie Trecker at […]

Turd of the Week #32

1999-09-25 0

Murderers! From, home of the monsters who perpetrate the murderous crapshoot on innocent footballers: “Chicago Fire forward Josh Wolff tore the anterior cruciate ligament in […]

Turd of the Week #29

1999-09-04 0

Make up your own punchline … They won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore: Sporting News columnist Jerry Trecker retired last week. First Logan, now Trecker. TotW […]

Turd of the Week #26

1999-08-14 0

klugeQuote of the Week: “Many years ago I played a couple of games against a prison team. The prisoners were formidably fit but, although some of […]

Turd of the Week #25

1999-08-07 0

RotMasters do not lose! Of course they didn’t play last week either, but what New Yawkah could complain? SJ Clash do not lose! Of course they did […]