Graffiti #3

2017-02-15 0

I’m not a “writer”. I can’t even decipher most graffiti. I figured graffiti was just an urban phenomenon. But a few years ago, I was […]

St. Vith

2013-05-23 0

This was my wife & I’s second trip to St. Vith. (The last time was a few months before I proposed in 2006.) We loved […]

Turd of the Week #65

2000-08-12 0

An animal in bed: That’s wot the missus said. Beckham of course. When it isn’t screaching inane lyrics to third rate disco beats, the Mouth of […]

Turd of the Week #60

2000-06-24 0

I woke up this morning and got myself a beer; The future’s uncertain, the end is always near. Clueless USSF Aparatchik of the Week: USSF COO […]

Turd of the Week #59

2000-06-17 0

Who says Americans don’t know geography? “World Cup champion France routs Belgium in Euro 2000” was the Sporting News headline after France beat Denmark 3:0 in the opening […]

Turd of the Week #58

2000-06-10 0

A man has to have some perspective: Perica Azdic, a 31-year old Yugoslav defender with Cypriot first division side Ethnikos Akhna, was found hanged at his […]

Turd of the Week #57

2000-06-03 0

Wham-bam, thank you ma’am! “[MLS] is giving me the opportunity to grow as a soccer player with the possibility of playing in Europe after this season.” […]

Turd of the Week #55

2000-05-13 0

Heroes of the Week: 4th division amateurs Calais, who gave 1st division Nantes the scare of their lives in the French Cup final before succumbing 1:2. […]

Turd of the Week #53

2000-04-22 0

Another team outdraws Kansas City: 14,023 fans attended a match last week between Arsenal and Middlesbrough. A shockingly low number, one would think. Even considering that […]

Turd of the Week #42

1999-12-18 0

Men’s College Cup / Crap Referee of the Week: If TotW found the San Jose pitch at last week’s Women’s College Cup besmirched by two […]

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